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01 December 2011 @ 12:23 pm
Sorry, this is going to be a kind of rant-ish entry, but right now I just can't help myself because I'm feeling too irritated. I usually don't let random unimportant stuff get to me, but I do have an extremely sensitive point when it comes to unfairness. Yes, whenever I sense me, or any other person is a victim of injustice I just fire up from the inside or something, I honestly don't know why.

So yeah, by now you probably suspected that I was the victim of something like this, haha, and not only me really. I'm too tired to describe everything in details, but there's this girl who spreads super exaggerated truth lies about other people to make her feel better about herself, or rather, to make others feel like she's some kind of a saint going through so much stuff ~all alone~ (except for a couple of friends she whines to, really *sarcasm*). So of course, some of the people she complains to actually believe everything because, well, they're friends and she is pretty good at faking being nice, if I do say so myself. This is when everything gets really awkward and even upsetting at some points, because I barely know those people, why do I have to constantly fear they have some kind of agenda against me just because they're her friends? Maybe I like them, maybe I want to get to know them better! But no, apparently, my sins are too big :'D The funny thing, her endless troubles are reversed, if anything. Nevertheless, I'm very grateful to her friends who actually didn't believe her, even though I can't judge those who DID believe her. So... I think I explained all this really badly, sorry! I guess I just kind of wanted to let it out, haha. I'm not going to say who I'm talking about (because, sadly, I can't step down to her level), but I believe it's still pretty obvious to those invloved, especially her if she sees this entry.

... now I feel like mentally hitting my brain for letting her stuff get to me and whining afterwards, lmao. Then again, I feel so much better now :)
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Tama-chan ♥: Soubi and Ritsukamoonchild10 on December 1st, 2011 11:47 am (UTC)
It's hard not to let these kinds of things get to you, isn't it? I mean, the people who do stuff like that aren't worth your time, but it's really (REALLY) hard not to fret over it anyway XD I totally understand, and I feel where you're coming from on this. And I'm glad your rant helped you feel better, too <3

I'm sorry you had to go through something like that /: people who do things like that are so petty, and you're an awesome person who doesn't deserve to get caught up in all that.

And also, it's been way too long since we've talked, so... how have you been otherwise? :'D
【Natalie】// 春野サクラ ☺ heart shaped box: 「animanga」 england → if love takes overpinkified on December 2nd, 2011 04:13 am (UTC)
Yes, exactly D; Haha I know, now really I wish she thought I wasn't worth her time either and stopped with her ridiculous whining to her friends already :'D

Thank you so much for your support! And yes, even I think I don't deserve this... from her, especially, haha.

I've been good overall, how about you? :)
Breyzy and Yin Girl: Breyzy: ...why is this so bittersweet?breyzyyin on December 1st, 2011 05:19 pm (UTC)
I'm actually not sure what this is about, but please don't feel like hitting yourself for letting something like that get to you! *hugs* I honestly think anyone would be irritated over something like that from what you've described...it would be hard not to be, even if it does seem kind of random or unimportant in the grand scheme of things. I'm glad that ranting about it helped you feel better though! Sometimes just getting to vent can make a huge difference. ♥

~I hope everything *else* is going well for you though (and that this will all pass really soon!)! XD
【Natalie】// 春野サクラ ☺ heart shaped box: 「animanga」 futaba → once upon a starpinkified on December 2nd, 2011 04:09 am (UTC)
Thank you very much! ♥ You actually DO know her, but I think she didn't have a chance to go on a whining session? xD Which is very good, honestly, haha.
that crazy jew: Srsly WTH. [furi kuri]fujiappletan on December 1st, 2011 09:53 pm (UTC)
omg all the calm people above me so awesome and eloquent and smart and VERY TRUE with their words wish i had an ounce of their dignity and poise but all i can feel and all i really have to say upon reading your post though i have NO IDEA of any of this just this paragraph you have provided is THIS BITCH

(lmao i am so angry)

seriously why WHY does this kind of person exist?? of course there is hard time in your life hopefully you have people around you and are in an environment and conditions that you will be able to be helped to get through it but do not blow it out of porportion when there yes YES INDEED is even more suffering than we and this person themself can even imagine . shit i cannot stand this fucking type this woe is me type of person in order to make legitimate their own "hardships" they have to go cause a shit on other people be it out of jealously, boredom, how do their small brains work being not this sort of asshole (but i am an asshole pff) I CANNOT TELL

but apparently to make themselves feel better about themselves/in reality not actually having shit to complain about they have to make something so they make "bad guys" it might be a big thing or a small side thing but they have to create drama/"oh jee look how hard my life is i even have this person giving me trouble" and EXAGGERATE every little detail of what tiny little thing they are bothered by you. this may have been caused by should you not have immediately kissed their ass and instead told them how yes sad the world is not a flower field and dear lord if you say well maybe it's not that bad you are SO MEAN NOT A GOOD PERSON how dare you belittle their suffering! can't you see they are so good and don't deserve this! obviously being so good instead of talking to your face like a mature individual who respects you you'd think if they have a problem you can discuss it between the two of you instead of her telling all her friends like what she can tell all her friends but can't tell you? what kind of person is this shit what the fuck

the guilty really do love to tell EVERY SINGLE BREATHING person a lie to make it "the truth" i cannot stand this sort of person this sort of unperson what you have nothing to do in your life but cause shit you complete lack of space GO THINK YOURSELF OVER AND DO NOT APPEAR BEFORE PEOPLE UNLESS YOU'VE CHANGED YOUR HEART but if such a feat is possible for you it'd be a miracle

sorry i have ranted in response to your rant but letting it out does feel good and you can't let someone walk over you just b/c unlike her you do not want to blow bullshit out of proportion! LORD i am so mad you had to put up with this and other people have had to put up with this may this person MIA from your and those other people's lives and may she get one of her own that does involve creating bs shit she is not worth your time or words as you say and everyone else say in some way i think it will please her sad pathetic self to be "acknowledged" in this manner
so pathetic

/also has had people like this in my life lol you do good to NOT TOLERATE IT
(&while i do take online friendships/bonds seriously i was so worried this was irl and i was ready to fly over and do bloodshed pretty sure a machete is universal)

【Natalie】// 春野サクラ ☺ heart shaped box: 「animanga」 madoka → goddesspinkified on December 2nd, 2011 04:07 am (UTC)
OH MY GOD YOU ARE PERFECT AND I LOVE YOU WAY TOO MUCH NOW. This was just I wanted to hear, seriously. I kind of felt like I was the only one going so worked up over such stuff, which resulted in me thinking I'm idiotic and forever regretting this entry, haha. BUT YOU MADE ME FEEL DIFFERENT, THANK YOU ;~~~;

You described my feelings so well that I can't even think of much to add here BUT I sure hope karma gets to her and gets to her good or I will be forever disappointed in karma. Oh wait... does karma get to perfectly selfless and good people such as her? D:

In a way though, I think her being online is even more irritating because I simply couldn't care less what her friends thought if they were irl, I could avoid them easily and everything BUT HERE. I see her and her friends all the time, though mostly here. I can't go to any comment page without seeing her write something along the lines of "ohmgosh sweety this is so good I am crying over here!!! ~^0^~" ...and yes, I can't stand the word "sweety" or "dearie" or "hunni" NO MORE
that crazy jew: final defense | belarusfujiappletan on December 2nd, 2011 07:51 am (UTC)
AH YEAH i love you as well of course hence my foaming at the mouth at this situation i only have two ways to feel none of the fucks are given or ALL OF THE FUCKS ARE GIVEN jkjk kinda &please drumroll another very awesome reason as why we are friends i think we have similar enough personality or way of thinking that i can understand enough to empathize rather well with you ♥

whatever is important to my friends is important to me and if you go all out of your way to make a post there's more feeling there than is usually desired to be shown but it's there
(in other words sob i do this too) and it is a big deal and i am glad you feel a little better in posting and reading my reply i hope always for this

ROFL'D SO HARD ah karma sometimes i believe in it sometimes i think well if the grief is big enough i will carry out my own justice

ewwww so fake well the fake often get tired easily maybe she'll fuck off elsewhere when either other people start to realise how she really is, get sick of her or she will find some other group to frequent to fulfill her sympathy/support quota but the main thing is she better leave you and everyone she is pulling this shit on ALONE (fuck seeing her in passing must be hella annoying though fighto!) and if she pull anymore crap you can't stand no more cause srsly fuck this shit you just let us know ok

♥ ♥ ♥
(also same address as last year right? I HAVE THINGS FOR YOU i think i already mentioned this I MENTION IT AGAIN THEN ;D)
【Natalie】// 春野サクラ ☺ heart shaped box: 「animanga」 kobato → indecisivepinkified on December 2nd, 2011 08:38 am (UTC)
Yes yes ♥ Although you're a thousand times more awesome than me BUT THAT ONLY HELPS OKAY, BALANCE LOL

Seriously, thank you so much for this ;~; I'm so glad someone understands that! Because, okay, it might sound a little rude, but as much as I like polite and composed comments and everything, all I really need at times like these is people FEELING THE SAME WAY i.e. being pissed off about this bullshit haha
How can I not feel better after such huge support? :'D

Sadly I usually think karma only works when it comes to me B-BUT SURELY IT CAN'T ALWAYS WORK THAT WAY okay now I'm not sure if I'm feeling positive or not about it rofl

I actually had a feeling a lot of her friend list was kinda tired of her, as well, because at first it might sound sweet and cheery and supportive, but later on it just gets old and a couple of nice words against a wall of text about her own problems... well, you know, haha. If she does I'LL CALL YOU AND WE'LL BRING HER DOWN and I'm only half joking right now lmao

(yep, same! I can't waitttt ♥ and is yours the same, as well? I WILL FIGHT WITH OUR POST)
عقرب: resident evil 5゜grimoire on December 2nd, 2011 07:19 am (UTC)
Random comment but wow, you're such a badass lmao. This is so accurate, A+ for you.
that crazy jew: it's the better fightfujiappletan on December 2nd, 2011 07:52 am (UTC)
haha thank you! ;///;
Ashlee: Joker x Harley [Around You]anomalytically on December 2nd, 2011 11:54 pm (UTC)
I don't understand why these type of people exist, but I am sorry that you're going through that (hugs) I'm dealing with the same situation also and it's really hard not to let these type of things get to you, huh?

I'm glad that you feel better after posting.